Fine Art

From our very beginnings, General Graphics has focused on the needs of artists searching for the best solutions for showcasing their work. Currently we are proud to support artists, framers, galleries and museums who choose General Graphics because of the quality of our work and because of our reputation for excellence.

Image courtesy Oakland Museum of California
Exibition: 1991: Oakland-Berkeley Fire Aftermath,
Photographs by Richard Misrach


Enhancing the spaces where we live, work and celebrate has been part of the mission of General Graphics since we opened our doors in 1961. Our services and talents are sought by interior designers for an array of special projects or for simply adding aesthetic elements to their designs.


In a world that is increasingly multilingual and icon-driven, our reputation for excellence in interpretative signage is unsurpassed. We are leaders in this field, providing unparalleled service and expertise. We offer solutions for the most effective creative sign structures and long lasting interpretative and directional signage, using whatever materials and techniques that are appropriate to the project.