What We Do

Fine Art Mounting to Substrates


• Acrylic Face Mount

• Archival Pigment Printing

• Dibond, Sintra and Gatorfoam™

• Aluminum

• Overlaminates

• Cleated Back Frames

• Flush Box Frames


Please call for a consultation to discuss additional mounting options.


Fine Art Mounting to Substrates

The high standards we set for our mounting are the same whether we are mounting a museum collection or a single piece of work for a home. Our craftsmen have decades of experience which result in a vast knowledge of materials and processes. We offer the best substrates to present your art beautifully and the best protective surfaces to keep it safe. Because of our commitment to using only the highest quality materials, your work is produced at the archival standards you should expect. Our mounting can be a precursor to traditional framing and matting, or we will finish your work as a mounted piece that is ready to hang. All of our work is custom, tailored specific to your art. Our mounting services include pressure sensitive cold mounts through a 60" wide laminator, dry mounting in a 48" x 96" press, acrylic face mounts, custom CNC cutting, as well as flush box frames, just to name a few options. We are happy to consult with you to come up with the best solution for your work.

Graphics & Printing

Fine Art Archival Printing and Graphics

We offer archival pigment printing up to 60" wide. Because we print on a wide variety of papers and media, we are mindful of the compatibility of print media and finishing processes. If you are new to printing and mounting, we would be happy to discuss the options of media and processes with you. Our expert consultation is built into each of our services. Every print includes a proof for your approval prior to our producing the final print. We also offer a wide variety of media and material for interpretive and commercial signage. Our capabilities include scanning, digital retouching and custom color matching.

Crating & Shipping

Shipping Fine Art | Crating Fine Art

After we finish your project, your art is always soft packed and made ready for pick up. When completed work ships from General Graphics, you have a number of custom crating options. Each crate we build is fabricated to the custom dimensions of your work to ensure it stays safe during transport. For single pieces, we offer an economical plywood one-way shipper, made from 3/8" shipping ply --a good choice for shipping direct since it is sufficient for a single piece. For multiple pieces, or if you prefer a reusable crate, we custom build crates from regulation 3/4" plywood. To ship internationally, we offer an international crate that meets customs’ standards. You can choose from a variety of shipping options, or we are happy to ship on your account if that is more convenient for you. Once again, our team can advise you on the optimal shipping solution for your project.


Fine Art Consultation and Collaboration

General Graphics recognizes the need for communication and collaboration when it comes to your valued projects. We know that each body of work, each project, each installation has a unique vision and deserves equally unique attention to ensure success. We can collaborate and give guidance at the inception of your project, or pick up at any point when a joint effort will help you achieve your objective. We are always available to you during the production process because we know that an open line of communication is the key to successful project management. Feel free to call, email or stop by. We are available to answer any questions you may have as well consult with you about the technical and aesthetic aspects of your project. If you are able to visit us at our location, you are more than welcome to see our space and chat with our team of crafts people.